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AZ Intelligence is a privately owned company headquartered in Dubai. We run several online finance and retail investment websites that provide readers with thoroughly researched, information-packed, and highly objective reviews and comparative guides about different exchanges, brokerages, and other online trading platforms.

We recently launched the AZ Crypto Exchange website that provides users with rich content about cryptocurrency investments. In the coming months, we intend to follow it up with equally informative niche-specific sites in Forex, Stocks, Personal Finance, and more.

AZ Intelligence values its readers, thus the reason we have committed to only review or recommend independently vetted, highly reputable, regulated, and scandal-free online investment platforms. We also take pride in having, in our team of staff and contributors, a group of highly experienced and purpose-driven individuals dedicated to filling the information gaps that currently exist in the online investment industry.

What We Do

We connect retail investors with a perfect service provider – be it crypto, forex, or stock and commodity brokerages.
Our team of specialist traders and investors is constantly scouring the online investment market – reviewing and comparing the best service providers. We then come up with thoroughly researched comparative guides for the different service providers.
We highlight their key strengths and weaknesses to help you identify the investment platform that addresses your pain points. We are also constantly offering personalized guidance on how to identify the best investing platform in the comment section and the contact us page.

P.S: Whenever vetted, highly regulated, and reputable brokers contact us with special deals for our audience, we are more than glad to pass them along to you. Keep an eye out for these.

We put in the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Our Mission

To eliminate the information gap between brokers and retail investors. To help match investors with the brokerage or exchange that best addresses their financial trading or investment needs. We also strive to help our audience negotiate for the best deals from these investment platforms.

Our Vision

To run the most informative platform and the solution to every retail investor’s quest for perfect brokers and exchanges.

Our Core Values

At AZ Intelligence, we are guided by these core principles in what we do and our interactions with others.


  • Be sincere in your deeds and action, do not mislead
  • Be courageous enough to choose the path less trodden if you believe it is just and right
  • Be accountable to self by setting high standards for your principles and sticking with each no matter the hardship


  • Be cautious of your actions and inactions, keeping in mind that they affect not just you but
  • Be helpful and ready to share value that impacts others positively
  • Be reliable by proving to others that they can always depend on you

Servant Leadership

  • Be inspiring to self and those around you by helping them grow and navigate different challenges
  • Be a leader and commit to helping your team achieve and surpass its goals
  • Take the initiative and do what is needed to be done by you and the team


  • Be innovative by constantly devising ways around challenges and exceeding yesterday’s small wins
  • Be self-motivated to always push yourself a little harder, especially in the face of challenges
  • Bring your best to every task or group activity